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Anxo Pérez Rodríguez
Anxo Pérez

Anxo Pérez Rodríguez

Anxo Pérez is one of the most distinctive entrepreneurs in contemporary Spain. His motto ‘One’s enemy in life isn’t death; it is the failure to take one’s opportunities’ defines his enriching personal and business story. He is the creative mind behind 8Belts, the revolutionary method that guarantees that you’ll be able to speak another language in eight months. In its first three years, the company 8Belts.com grew from having one to forty employees, experiencing over 2000 per cent growth. Anxo, a winner of the Deloitte Entrepreneurial Prize, is described by many as a genius and a visionary determined to revolutionize how languages are taught across the world. Trained in the United States, Belgium and China, he has worked for the FBI and the UN, has been Barack Obama’s interpreter, acted in leading roles in films, released a music album and given concerts in seven countries, plays six musical instruments, has five university degrees and is proficient in nine languages.