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May I Dream of You?
Original title: Puedo Soñar Contigo ?
Category: Children & YA

May I Dream of You?

Original title: Puedo Soñar Contigo ?
Category: Children & YA

Having overcome the bad times that endangered the future of The Club of the Misundertood, the friendship between Valeria, Raúl, María, Bruno and Ester is as strong as ever: they are extremely close and their doubts have disappeared, thanks especially to the efforts of Alba, who looks very much like she’ll become a member of the Club. But after the calm comes the storm: misunderstandings, jealousy, unexpected encounters, stories reborn and the appearance of two mysterious characters will endanger their friendship once more.

Highlights May I Dream of You?


The long awaited third and final volume of the “The Club of the Misunderstood”.

This is the culmination of the biggest ever phenomenon in romantic youth literature in Spain: ¿Puedo soñar contigo? is the third and final volume in the Club of the Misunderstood trilogy, featuring the characters that have been with us since ¡Buenos días, princesa! and No sonrías, que me enamoro who have won the hearts of readers everywhere.

Blue Jeans has moved on from a publishing phenomenon to become an established brand, the biggest thing ever to happen to youth romantic literature in Spain. He is an Internet hit: he is the only Spanish author ever to have achieved 8 trending topics on national and worldwide networks.

Over 450,000 readers speak for the success of Blue Jeans’ novels.

Rights sold

Jaguar (Poland), Columna (Catalan).

Option publishers

Corbaccio (Italy), Planeta (Brazil).

Technical data

Publishing date: | 480 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-12469-6 | Imprint: Planeta

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