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You And I, Invincible
Original title: Tú y yo, invencibles

You And I, Invincible

Original title: Tú y yo, invencibles

Lucas is friendly, impulsive and transparent. Juliette is strong, introspective and liberal.

He lives in Vallecas, works in a car repair shop with his best friend and in the evenings plays in a band. She has grown up with her grandmother in a well-to-do neighborhood, but dreams of being independent, flying high and making a mark in someone's heart.

One night in 1978, at the height of the movida madrileña, their paths cross, sparking attraction, desire and love between them. A radioactive love that sweeps away everything in its path as the two become inseparable in a wild atmosphere full of changes, trapped between success and failure, light and darkness, forgiveness and pride, hope and disenchantment. Their feelings will become more complicated as Lucas and Juliette discover that neither of them is as they first thought.

Is passion eternal? Can lies and betrayal be forgotten without leaving traces? What happens when two meteors that promised to be invincible collide?

You and I, Invincible is a love story set in an unforgettable period of social, political and cultural changes. The story of a couple over several decades with the world of music and art as a backdrop.


Once again, after Let It Happen, The Two of Us on the Moon, Sophie's Wings and the new edition of The Boy Who Drew Constellations, Alice Kellen manages to connect with the issues that most concern young and old alike, such as love, pain, friendship and the future.


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Publishing date: | 408 pages | ISBN: 978-628-00-0365-8 | Imprint: Planeta

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