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Someday, Today
Original title: Algún día, hoy

Someday, Today

Original title: Algún día, hoy

Someday, Today, based on a real event that occurred in 1920 in Colombia, tells the story of Betsabé Espinal, who being only twenty-three years old becomes the heroine of one of the first female strikes in history. Ángela Becerra, after discovering almost by chance what little was known about Betsabé, did not stop investigating, imagining and giving life to a character whose only birth date was known, her participation in the first feminist strike in Latin America and the date of her death. These data have given rise to the author to create a story full of magic, love and vindication.

This epic song to the liberation of women is full of elements of Magic Idealism, as is usual in her writing, since, as Ángela Becerra affirms, “magic is at the service of emotions”. And this style, impregnated with poetry, sometimes almost dreamlike, creates an absorbing story full of strength and truth.

Highlights Someday, Today


A great love story, full of epic and exuberance.


Fernando Lara Novel Award 2019

Someday, Today is a thrilling and committed feminist plea against injustice. Compared to Gabriel García Márquez, Ángela Becerra has written a novel that dips in Magical Idealism.

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Publishing date: | 816 pages | ISBN: 978-958-42-7920-0 | Imprint: Planeta