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Original title: Axel
Category: Fiction | Thriller & Noir


Original title: Axel
Category: Fiction | Thriller & Noir

An explosive and unputdownable debut novel.

Madrid, March 13, 2019. The judicial police agent Axel Nash left his native Vigo in search of more action in Madrid. Nash cannot stand boredom, lucky for him, as one morning he receives a call from his new partner, Loor Galván, whom he barely knows, but with whom, surprisingly, he connects. Galván tells him that Marcos Goya, a radio presenter on a late-night program, has just appeared stabbed to death in a dirty brothel, and with signs of having been assaulted.

Meanwhile in Vigo, Omar Pombo and his friend Javier Grande, Jarvis, who, like many other young people from the Rías Baixas, have ended up dealing for drug
traffickers, have just gotten into a huge mess: they have lost a shipment and the consequences are, as can be predicted, not good.

Highlights Axel


Axel pays tribute to movies like Seven or TV series like True Detective.


Wild and rough. Its unstoppable rhythm and the strength of its characters snare the reader from start to finish.

García Rey immerses us in a world with characters who are far too attached to the power and the vices of big businessmen. We read of modern slavery, prostitution, drug trafficking, a lot of cinema and a lot of music in two perfectly intertwined plots, with masterful twists and two unforgettable protagonists.

Axel pays tribute to movies like Seven or TV series like True Detective. Wild and rough. Its unstoppable rhythm and the strength of its characters snare the reader from start to finish.

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Publishing date: | 576 pages | ISBN: 978-84-670-6947-1 | Imprint: Espasa