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The Accursed Throne
Original title: El trono maldito
Antonio Piñero Saenz

The Accursed Throne

Original title: El trono maldito

Antonio Piñero Saenz


4 B.C. When the cruel tyrant Herod the Great dies, the throne of Israel is left vacant. Two of his sons are vying for it but a mysterious third contender appears with inscrutable motivations and plans. The power struggle leads to a bloody story of passion, sex, perfidy, violence and betrayal in which each tries to win the favour of the Emperor Augustus, who will make the final decision. Into the midst of all this intrigue comes Jesus of Nazareth, a preacher who is inspiring the Jewish people with his sermons, which question the plans of the Roman Emperor and the Jewish Priesthood. Both the Romans and the Pharisees feel that they must get rid of this troublemaker. The climax to this tale will change the world forever.

Highlights The Accursed Throne


A throne, an empire, a Messiah. A great novel about the time of Jesus Christ.

El trono maldito is an excellent historical novel about a key moment in the history of humanity: the first forty years of a new era that began with the birth of Christ and the foundation of one of the most important religions in the history of humanity.

The authors José Luis Corral, a professor of Medieval History, and Antonio Piñero, a professor of Greek Philology and an expert in the History of Christianity, are two of the masters of the new historical novel in Spain and have well-established reputations.

This novel offers a different, controversial perspective on history, introducing new and surprising facts. In the tradition of great historical novels, El trono maldito is brilliantly researched and features explanatory plans, maps, family trees and appendixes to guide the reader.

Technical data

Publishing date: | 576 pages | ISBN: 978-958-42-8019-0 | Imprint: Planeta

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