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Beauty Must Die
Original title: La belleza debe morir

Beauty Must Die

Original title: La belleza debe morir

A diary of a passion that, like an unexpected wave, rises up and destroys everything.

The protagonist and narrator of Beauty Must Die is a mature woman, a single mother in her fifties who is free in her sexuality, her attitudes and her affections. She travels to Venice with her mother in an attempt to rebuild herself and her relationship—which is already over—with a married man. She does so by “writing” to the only person who understands: him. However, he, in
reality is just a mirage, a real, yet impossible dream, like the Venice that the author writes of, dark and wintry, and always uncertain.

This impossible search for meaning is our narrator’s love story, a love story that gnaws at her, and a love story that is condemned to die from the beginning, just like Venice and beauty.

Passion is not chosen, it simply happens and rips us apart at the seams.

With crisp, clear prose that lays everything bare, Corbillón shows the light and shadows of falling in love, the impossible contradictions of relationships, and the darkness that always accompanies lovers, who are condemned to see only one side of the moon.

As Annie Ernaux says in the last paragraph of Pure Passion: Every woman must experience some passion at some point in her life.

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Publishing date: | 256 pages | ISBN: 978-84-670-6990-7 | Imprint: Espasa