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Countdown to Summer
Original title: La cuenta atrás para el verano

Countdown to Summer

Original title: La cuenta atrás para el verano

An emotional first-person story in which the protagonist narrates one of the most important lessons of her life, the transcendental passage from adolescence to adulthood. A novel told through stories intertwined in time, which unravel the most important events and experiences of these early stages of life, and which introduce the people who were, and who continue to be, present in the life of this blonde girl, as everyone in her life knows her and she called herself.

Countdown to Summer is a tribute to friendship, the father-daughter bond, self-esteem, and empowerment. The story takes many forms as the author pays attention to those best friends who appear throughout her life and with whom she becomes inseparable. Also, her father is a constant presence in the book. The protagonist inherits many virtues from him: an obsession for reading and good spelling, but also a positive attitude. Their bond is very strong, they talk every day, share their happiness, and are proud of each other. The author reminds us of the importance of saying I love you more often in the family environment.

The importance of loving oneself is also present throughout the story, emphasizing that bullying contexts should not be tolerated and that we should all have the opportunity to reverse these situations, to adulthood, remembering the importance of being true to oneself, not to change your personality depending on the person you are with or the partner you have at that moment.

Short, this is a novel that talks about the importance of empowerment, of not getting trapped, and of breaking with that dependence on certain selfish people who criticize us, deceive us or manipulate us.

Rights sold

Newton Compton (Italy), Chá das Cinco (Portugal). Audiovisual rights optioned by Plano a Plano. 

Technical data

Publishing date: | 416 pages | ISBN: 978-628-00-0117-3 | Imprint: Planeta

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