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The Imprint Of Evil
Original title: La huella del mal
Category: Fiction | Thriller & Noir

The Imprint Of Evil

Original title: La huella del mal
Category: Fiction | Thriller & Noir

During a tourist visit to the archaeological dig in Atapuerca, a fourteen-year-old boy realizes that one of the reproductions of hominid burial rites from thousands of years ago actually contains the body of a murdered girl. She seems to have been placed there ritualistically, and all the clues point to a macabre killing similar to one that took place years before.

In the village, unease runs rampant. Too many of the details resemble those from the earlier case, so the judge calls on the investigator who handled it: Daniel Velarde, ex-cop and current head of a security from where he is raking in money. Daniel will be obliged to return to the force as a consultant. During the investigation, he will meet again with the new head of the homicide squad, a woman around forty who had to struggle to make it to where she is, and who finds her authority called into question when her old boss returns. To make things worse, the two of them were involved with each other, in a relationship fraught with ups and downs.

Their respective approaches to the case will clash, complicating an already convoluted investigation that will transform their lives forever, along with their ways of understanding the world and their personal relationships.

Highlights The Imprint Of Evil


Even if we hide it, the evil is inside all of us.

A daring thriller that refects on prehistoric man and human evil. Is violence inextricably imprinted in our DNA?

Rights sold

Casa Editrice Nord (Italy). Audiovisual rights optioned.

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Publishing date: | 576 pages | ISBN: 978-958-42-8426-6 | Imprint: Planeta