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Love or Addiction?
Original title: ¿Amor o adicción?
Category: Non-Fiction

Love or Addiction?

Original title: ¿Amor o adicción?
Category: Non-Fiction

When loving too much becomes dependency

This is an extended and updated edition of Silvia Congost’s bestseller, the most useful, clear and transformative guidebook ever written on emotional dependency.

“We need love in our lives. But I refuse to accept that suffering is an unavoidable part of it. I refuse to accept that the person who loves you can hurt you over and over again.”  

We know that relationships come without guarantees. But we also know that some people get hooked, that they develop toxic bonds with each other and that, before they know it, they begin losing control of their own lives. Those who suffer from emotional dependency hold a misconception of what love is, they normalise suffering and develop a terrible and irrational panic at the idea of losing their partner. They distant themselves from their true essence, lose their vitality, their illusions melt and their entire existence revolves around someone they are not even happy with.

Silvia Congost, a renowned psychologist both in Spain and Latin America, explores and analyses all the nuances of emotional dependence, in order for you to understand it, identify it, and most importantly, to get rid of it.

This manual will guide you, with a clear and warm style, to find your inner strength, the one and only power that will free yourself from this burden, and to start making your way towards what you truly deserve.  

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Publishing date: | 256 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-27465-0 | Imprint: Zenith

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