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Desire And Pleasure
Original title: Deseo y placer
Category: Non-Fiction

Desire And Pleasure

Original title: Deseo y placer
Category: Non-Fiction

A book about the biological and spiritual importance of preserving our desires and pleasures.

Eating, sleeping, loving… What pushes us to live and why does the moment come when some older people have no desire to keep doing it? At any age, the desire to live grows when we have some motivation and the possibility of satisfying it, but not every stimulus has the same value or intensity, and though some are homeostatic, like hunger or thirst, and others are incentivized, like the search for pleasure, still, the key question remains: what happens when we can’t satisfy our motivations, and what role does the brain play in this process?

This extraordinary book, which explains how the brain makes possible dreaming, hunger, thirst, sex, and the different incentivized pleasures, reveals that preserving our motivations not only maintains our bodily wellbeing, but also our mental health, and with it, a good emotional state, the energy and the pleasure of life, stimuli that we should never be willing to give up.

The author familiarizes us with the parts of the brain that regulate our behaviors and desires, that excite us, that stimulate our sentiments, and helps us to understand our conduct and that of others.

Highlights Desire And Pleasure


The Neuroscience of Motivations

The definitive book for understanding what pushes us to live and enjoy life from a neuroscience point of view.

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Publishing date: | 240 pages | ISBN: 978-958-42-8141-8 | Imprint: Ariel

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