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The Worst Part
Original title: La peor parte
Category: Non-Fiction

The Worst Part

Original title: La peor parte
Category: Non-Fiction

Fernando Savater’s most personal, moving, and intimate book.

This isn’t an autobiography, though it does contain “the best and worst parts” of the author’s life. It is a book written to preserve the memory of a beloved person, Sara Torres Marrero, also known as Pelo Cohete, with whom Fernando Savater shared thirty-five years, an entire lifetime of happiness.

But this isn’t an elegy, because the desire to make memory grow, to cheat forgetting, becomes an act of gratitude, of love. Maybe this is the story of a battle all of us have lost beforehand, but it is also, more than anything, a moving song to life, a call to love and to enjoy every moment with the person you love. Loss, absence, the right to be forgotten or remembered, death, pain, illness are all in this text, but so are struggle, commitment, sex, laughter, jokes, togetherness. All this is life, and Fernando Savater manages to make us reflect on it through Sara, through both of them as one.

"The book that you have in your hands is a posthumous work, because it appeared when the sacred source that kept me active for nearly half a century was extinguished. And in this book I explain exactly which is the best fuel for that sacred source and why I have it no longer." Fernando Savater

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Laterza Editori (Italy). 

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Publishing date: | 264 pages | ISBN: 978-958-42-8347-4 | Imprint: Ariel

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