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Paula Bonet
Paula Bonet ©Lupe de la Vallina
©Lupe de la Vallina

Paula Bonet

Paula Bonet has a degree in Fine Art from the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, and went on to study at NYU in New York, the UPC in Santiago de Chile and Urbino, Italy. Until relatively recently, she was an oil painter, combining pictorial work with engraving techniques. She has worked with woodcuts, lithographs and silk-screens at Taller 99 in Santiago de Chile and in Urbino, Italy but her impulsive nature and the expectations and patience that these techniques require, plus the difficulty of including the text fragments she believed were necessary to accompany the images, led her to swap oil paints, copper, wood and gouges for pens, watercolours and ink. The results were more rapid and direct and speed and immediacy are common traits in her most recent work.
Speed is also an apt way of describing the way her work has spread across the internet: like wildfire. Now she gets commissions from places as varied as Mexico, Hong Kong and Paris.