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Against the Wind
Original title: Contra el Viento
Category: Fiction

Against the Wind

Original title: Contra el Viento
Category: Fiction

São, a girl who, like everyone in her village, was born to work, decides one day to try and build a better life for herself in Europe. After learning, again and again, how to overcome adversity, she will find a new friend in a Spanish woman who is drowning in her own insecurities. São helps her recover her will to live and together they form an indestructible bond, one that will make them both stronger. A moving story of friendship between different women living in their own worlds, told with all the beauty that reality has to offer. A novel full of feeling for avid readers of emotional fiction.

Highlights Against the Wind


A moving journey to the dreams and nightmares to African women.


A Hymm to generosity and solidarity.


Winner of the PREMIO PLANETA 2009

Rights sold

Orlando (The Netherlands), Buchet-Chastel (France), Planeta Manuscrito (Portugal), Marcos & Marcos (Italy), Swiat Ksiazki (Poland), Nemira (Romania), People’s Publishing House (China), Dereta (Serbia), Ucila (Slovenia), Ílgi Kültür (Turkey), Olma Media Group (Russia), Baltos lankos (Lithuania).

Technical data

Publishing date: | 272 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-08923-0 | Imprint: Planeta