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The Horse Healer
Original title: El sanador de caballos

The Horse Healer

Original title: El sanador de caballos

A young stable boy arrives in Toledo, escaping the horror of the invaders’ barbarities. After his father has been killed and his sisters kidnapped, he sets off in the company of his inseparable steed, Sabba, with only one thought on his mind: revenge. However, his young age and the dangers that come with an incursion into Muslim territory force him to take another route. In Toledo, Diego finds refuge in the stables of a renowned Moorish veterinarian who, after noticing his innate intuition for horses, initiates him into the art of healing. From this moment on, the protagonist begins a series of adventures that see him searching within manuscripts hidden in a Sistine Monastery, participating in a tournament to win the affections of a nobleman, and travelling through the different historical enclaves to meet spies, magicians, fugitives, kings, etc. With all these people he will share adventures, suffer the pain of betrayal and learn the true value of friendship.

Highlights The Horse Healer


Gonzalo Giner is the Spanish Noah Gordon.


More than 220,000 copies sold.

This novel is a homage to a wonderful profession related to horses, the noblest of all animals that have been domesticated by the man. "El sanador de caballos reflects my passion for horses, for my profession and for an exciting historical period", Gonzalo Giner.

Rights sold

Blanvalet (Germany), Albatros (Poland).

Technical data

Publishing date: | 800 pages | ISBN: 978-958-42-6322-3 | Imprint: Planeta