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An Eye for an Eye
Original title: Talión
Category: Fiction

An Eye for an Eye

Original title: Talión
Category: Fiction

Begin the countdown. What will your revenge be?

Marta Aguilera, a journalist committed to her job, receives some news that will change her life: she has a tumor and is told she has only two months left to live. With nothing to lose and no one to answer to, Marta concludes that reality is a threatening place and decides to spend the time she has left imparting justice.

In a race against the clock for her own life and against the unwavering inspector Daniela Gutiérrez, Marta Aguilera will try to apply her particular law of an eye for an eye.

A thriller that’s shocking and unlike any other. You will read the novel as if you were the protagonist yourself.

“It’s a novel that hooks you from the first page and invites the reader to participate in it.”

“The plot is perfectly constructed and the characters develop and grow in a natural way.”

“After reading the first few paragraphs, you can’t put it down and the debate it raises on justice forces you to take a position. Simply great.”

“A good idea for an increasingly popular genre; the development of the story is great.”

“A great novel that poses a moral debate to the reader.”

Rights sold

Audiovisual rights optioned. | Film: Talión | Production company: La Caña Bros

Technical data

Publishing date: | 448 pages | ISBN: 978-958-42-8016-9 | Imprint: Planeta