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Original title: Datanomics
Category: Non-Fiction | Science


Original title: Datanomics
Category: Non-Fiction | Science

For months, you’ve been accepting privacy policies without bothering to read a single one. You upload photos to Instagram, publish your likes and your political leanings on Twitter, share memories of your vacation on Facebook and chat on WhatsApp. You download applications on your cell at the drop of a hat and search Google every single day. And all this without paying a single cent. A little weird, right? Did you ever stop to think what these businesses that are offering you their services at no cost make out of it? If the product is free, maybe you’re the product.

Datanomics will show you with data, reports, and confirmed facts what technology companies really do with your personal data and how they profit from it while you give it away without thinking twice. The author takes a sharp X-ray of how our information is gathered and used, and what the undesired consequences of this use have been––how we have gone from a product economy to a data economy and how, to keep it this way, the society we know has come to believe with religious fervor that data is the solution and not the problem.

Tim Cook already said it: “The potential of technology is based on the faith people have in it.” A faith based on pure ignorance and disinformation. If you want to open your eyes before it’s too late, this is your book.

Highlights Datanomics


How data affects our life.

"What is more dangerous, a Roomba that cleans your house or leaving your car open? 
What do your Instagram account and your fitness bracelet have in common? 
Why can they deny you credit when you’ve never failed to pay a debt? 
Why does it worry you when the police identify you on the street, but not in the least when your cellphone leaves a GPS record of all your comings and goings?"

Technical data

Publishing date: | 304 pages | ISBN: 978-958-42-8001-5 | Imprint: Paidós